REPAIR Service

Through our professional Watch-maker we offer a full watch repair service. From Battery replacement through to full Overhaul servicing.
As a small independent business, our rates are much more favourable than those of high street jewellers. 

Example Overhaul (Full Service) Costs -
ROLEX - £175
OMEGA - £125
TISSOT - £75
Prices and timescales for completion can vary for each individual watch and in most cases we will provide an Estimate/Quote before proceeding any work.
An Overhaul includes dis-assembly of the watch and movement, 3 stage cleaning process of the movement parts, replacement of worn minor parts, re-oiling and lubrication, re-assembly of the movement, ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet, replacement of case seals and gaskets, pressure testing for water resistance where necessary, checking and testing for time keeping, regulation of the movement and final control test.

This is recommended on all Mechanical and Automatic watches every 3-5 years. Even Quartz/Battery watches have moving parts and also require servicing though the cost is likely to be less than the above examples.

Overhaul servicing does not include replacement of major parts such as - Crown, Stem, Auto-axle, Glass, Balance staff, Rotor etc. These parts will be charged at extra cost to the standard Service price though an Estimate/Quote will be provided before any work is done.

We can also replace watch batteries and size watch bracelets / bands to fit.

Watches for repair/servicing can be Posted to us or brought in store to the following address

RVW at SPACE Vintage
The Ginnel
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Please contact us for further information...